Mark Waid Gets Offer from Ivy League

Mark Waid my 6’3” 200 lbs. Girard HS QB may be the most decorated QB in the State of Ohio this year.  Not only did he start this week off with an offer from none other than the Ivy League, (Nothing like starting at the TOP of the food chain J ) probably the most prestigious conference in  all of football scholastically, but, he was named this week with another PLAYER OF THE YEAR award, this time  from Max Prep Sports.  This award is for all divisions of Football in the great state of Ohio and of course all Quarterbacks.  All these awards just keep coming for the very deserving Mark Waid, who is not only a fierce competitor but is a great student and the kind of young man you would want to be yours.   Humble but confident best describes this young man who at every work out can be seen taking the time to throw the ball to the 2 young sons of Coach Pearson and saying hello to the joggers circling the field  or shaking hands with the old senior guys who like to hang around one of the most talented athletes to ever play for the Indians of Girard HS.

Now that would be an incredible week for most young QB’s in the country but Mark topped it off by getting an offer from Dartmouthlocated in Hanover in the beautiful hills of western New Hampshire. I have had the privilege of being on campus there a few times and one of the most incredibly charming campuses you will find anywhere in our great country.  What an awesome start to the recruiting offers that are soon to roll in for this dual threat QB who put up the outstanding stat of scoring 59 TDs this year for his team both passing and rushing.  In addition he has been invited to the University of Pittsburgh to attend a basketball game this month as well on a recruiting visit.   Big things are on their way for this deserving  young man that is ready to become the signal caller at the next level for some special team at a special University, in a special conference.  And they will be special because Mark Waid is their QB.  Read other great articles and see his film —   scroll below.


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