Sink Showcase Cancelled !

A group of people standing on top of a field.
Coach Bryce Shondelmyer YSU, Tyler Cherry 2023 MVP Indiana, Coach Sink

Sometimes adversity breeds really good results and we have been going through such a time. We had planned for our most spectacular Showcase in our history this year but do to circumstances beyond our control we were forced to Cancel. We had sponsorships that had committed to support a TV coverage headed by Dave Brainard TV Productions from Phoenix, Arizona which would have been the quality of any major channel in the US. We were prepared to live stream to every D1 offensive and defensive coaches, OCS, DCS, and head coaches in the country including all FCS to Power 5 conferences.

We had also planned to interview some of our top talent in our camp plus some of their head coaches with professional interviewers and professional announcers. This was all being done to promote the outstanding talent we had invited to our camp and to improve their exposure and worth to the US college football scene. All of this is planned for next year at our Coach Sink Showcase so do not miss it and if you get and invitation for next spring be sure and get in by signing up at once.

Now, at the last minute, two weeks before the camp, one of the major sponsors, and the one that had committed to cover the expensive TV Production, informed us they could not get funded and would not be supporting us. This information sprung on us at the last minute made us make a decision we did not want to make but in order to be fair with the players that were planning to attend our packed-out camp, we had to cancel or not fulfill our promises. (which I, nor coach KIiz could do !) Therefore, we stopped the camp and returned all entries to all paid players.

I do want to say we were so pleased with Chick Fil-A and Whittenburg U. for their efforts on our behalf, and both did everything in their power to support the Coach Sink Showcase as they had promised. We will be letting you know about our camp for next year and also the fact we may be expanding to new areas of our country as well. Stay Tuned! Next article will let you know some of the outstanding talent that have participated in this camp over the last 2 years.

A group of people standing on top of a field.
DB MVPS Aaron Scott OSU, Sink, Tai Crump, Kilz