Blake Horvath, Throwin the Ball at Navy?

Blake Horvath US Navy, rollin and throwin!!

I can attest, if Navy wants to put the ball in the air, they have the man that can do it. It is QB Blake Horvath, who played HS Ball at Hilliard Darby in Hilliard, Ohio and ran a very similar offense to what Navy runs and He lit up the skies with TD after TD during his career. One of the hardest working QBS I ever had and he spent the last two years working on his throwing skills and it will surface as this wonderful US Academy in Annapolis, Md. can now compete with the rest of the high-flying offenses if they want to.

Blake finds himself with a 2-man competition for the starting roll at the QB position with Braxton Woodson and according to The Capital Gazette both guys are extremely good QBS but the one up for Blake would be his incredibly accurate throwing of the football. He can put it in your pocket if you want it there and I mean either pocket, or any pocket.

I for one, cannot wait to see Horvath perform his Majic this year on the field for the Midshipmen. He brings superior talent to the QB position that Navy hasn’t had since the years with Roger Staubach. So, whether you watch Blake fly around with his superior speed and quickness or watch him launch rockets from any place on the gridiron, you will be entertained like you rarely are watching football at the major college level, so tune in this fall, you will love number 11 when he takes over the QB spot for The US Naval Academy.

Blake Horvath Navy, with speed and quickness