Ohio State Coaches Clinic – Awesome

Mark Dantonio Former Mich State HC

To try and keep coming up with new and interesting things to show and do for a bunch of guys who have spent a lot of their lives coaching our great sport at various levels is not easy to do, but Ryan Day and all of his coaching staff seem to never fail at making each year a new and rewarding experience. Failing to miss some important people (which I will do), Tim Hinton was on the dead run for 3 days straight, as was Ed Terwilliger, and I don’t know Paul’s last name who was the director of the event, but I do know He was in charge and things ran smoothly. The food was exceptional for this type of event and the programing was on time and interesting even for a guy who has been attending these kinds of events for almost 40 years.

Chip Kelly’s presentation of his run game was phenomenal and if I was going back to head coach at any level it would be high priority in my play book. Ryan Day’s presentation of organization and motivation was exceptional as it should be. Brian Hartline’s enthusiasm and attention to detail in the Receiving arena has him as the new hottest WRS coach in the country, in my book. Move over one notch Dabo Swinney who has held that title for over 10 years. The OSU Linebacker Roundtable was worth the price of admission for the whole event with James Laurinaitis, Bobby Carpenter, Anthony Schlegel and A J Hawk and MC’d by the best, Joey Galloway (who played his HS ball down on the river for HOF Coach and my buddy, John Majistro). This deal was entertaining all the way.

I loved hearing from Mark Dantonio, (pictured above) my good friend and former incredibly successful HC of the Mich. State Spartans and Jim Lachey the smooth voice of the Buckeyes every week and former Ohio State All American and All-Pro NFL Lineman. I had the pleasure and challenge of coaching both sons of Jim and Ann; James (Bowling Green U.) and Luke (Iowa’s # 85 Current Star tight end) who should be entering the NFL soon as he is one of the top Tight Ends in the College game.

On Friday the weather proved we were in the middle of Ohio (32 and windy) in April however, that didn’t stop several hundred coaches from many states from arriving at 7 am and walking or driving to the Shoe for a full practice just the day before the spring game. Ryan had the whole practice wide open for the visiting coaches so we were able to go on the field with any position we desired so I, of course headed to the QBS. Took a spot right behind where each QB was making his throws so I could clearly see each players footwork and control of his body as he made each throw. By the way the spot ALL professional QB coaches go in order to properly assess each throwing motion and technique of delivering the ball correctly.

Most impressive from was Will Howard #18 the KSU transfer, second, but not far behind was the true Freshman transfer from Alabama Julian Sayins #10 and third was #12 Air Noland another true Freshman and Devan brown #33. That is the way I looked at the best Pro prospects in order. I think the assessment from the spring game would be similar.

Congratulations again to the 2 Coaches of the year, Nate Moore in D2 from Massillon and Tim Goodwin.

The Coaches Clinic rating was A Plus from this man of almost 40 years of coaching for the 2 and a half days of spending time with some of the great men in our country who are helping shape the future of it with outstanding young men. Coach Sink

Julian Sayins #10 Ohio State QB