Perfect “in the Mirror” shot of Purdy

Brock Purdy with a perfect load of the ball

I have all of my students, no matter how long they have been with me to practice in the mirror morning and night on how to load the ball for delivery with speed, and still allow them the perfect placement for the most accurate throwing. Thanks to NFL Banter for the above shot of Brock Purdy who caught him as he would see himself if he were practicing in the mirror each morning and night on how to load the ball to perfection.

There are always plenty of theories out there teaching the incorrect way to play QB but I am still coaching from the man I call the master Tom Martinez (Tom Brady’s private QB coach from the time he was 12 yrs old until Martinez passed away), just 5 or 6 years ago. I have always taught to keep your shoulders as flat as possible, stand tall with shoulders back and delivery over your right ear following your front shoulder and elbow directly to the spot you want to throw. Trust me it works! (ask Drew, Aaron, Josh, Joe, Carson, Patrick, Kirk, Lamar and most other guys who have completion percentage in the high 60’s and 70’s.

Not often do we share all the little details that make a QB great but this is one segment of proper technique that gets misconstrued on a regular basis and is important enough to get right so as not to ruin an outstanding potential young Quarterback.

We will be showing photos proving this with some of my young and mature QBS in the next few articles.

Enjoy, Coach Sink.