Freddies Gettin Ready to Win !!

This time of year in Ohio some are and some aren’t spending the extra time it takes to improve their game. Not true of Coach Hartley at Fredericktown HS in Fredericktown Ohio. Blake Sipes 2026 QB, for Coach Hartley’s team with his grandfather’s help, booked Coach Sink for 5 weeks to come to their football field and work with 7 WRS and Blake to improve their passing game and offense.

You never know what lies ahead when you take on this type of training but with Blake a 6’2″ 195 lbs. talent at the helm with a desire to be better every time he works is amazing what can be accomplished. Blake not only worked hard at each session, but he also did the homework given to him by Coach Sink every day on his own. You can tell right away the players who are serious about their roll and desire to be a part of a winning program and be the best they can be at their position. Blake Sipes and most of the Receivers were that way every week so we are looking forward to watching the results this fall for the Freddies.

I have had a lot of players improve quickly at the QB position, but none made any bigger strides in a short time than Blake Sipes. If he takes the particularly his footwork homework serious from here on out (and my bet, is he will), you will see one fine QB directing Coach Hartley’s well-planned offense and there will be some big numbers put up on the scoreboard by these guys.

Pictured above with some of the key WRS are from left to right kneeling, Head Coach Hartley, standing Carter Mull, Grant Hartley (who is headed to Otterbein U, to play with my First Team All-State QB from Heath Ohio, Brayden Bayles, and what a pair these guys should be), Blake Sipes, Coach Sink, Nick McFerren and assistant coach and full-time snapper.

Go Freddies !!