Graham Walker wins in OT 27 to 24

I am really proud of my QB who played High school football in Va. and was first team All-State his senior year. Graham Walker went to Frostburg State U where he graduated last year with his degree in physical education and is now working on his masters. Graham has been a committed member of the Bobcats football team and been an outstanding QB for them, for 3 years and still has this year and next of eligibility left, so he started off this year with a huge win in Overtime 27 to 24 over New Haven U from Connecticut.

Graham and his Bobcats trailed for quite a bit of the game but if you know Graham Walker as I do you know he is a never give up guy, so you better have him on your team if the game is close. Walker put up 256 yards of passing on 20 of 32 and 1 TD and of course lead the winning drive in OT for the field goal that won it. Graham also finished the game with a QB rating of 132 which would make any QB in the country happy.

Graham was such a hard worker and traveled all the way to Ohio to work with me and I went to Virginia to work with him, and it was easy to see his character and integrity that has brought him to this point. So, we are proud to have him be on our site and share his winning photo above. Congrats to Graham Walker