Bayles On the Run !

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It is not often I write an Article on technique, but this is an incredible picture of Brayden Bayles my senior QB from Heath HS in Heath, Ohio. I actually hate a still picture of an action shot to teach from because, you can almost prove every theory of throwing (right or wrong) depending on the angle in which the shot is taken.

This shot however, is perfectly taken from the perspective of the Receiver that is about to catch it, therefor showing the PERFECT THROWING POSITION TO THROW ON THE RUN. Look how Brayden has rotated his upper body and is pointing his front shoulder and front elbow at the target ,while loading the ball in his sweet spot behind his head. His eyes are glued on his target, therefore allowing him to throw one of his famous rocket balls, that travel point to point and spin at a high rate of speed with tremendous accuracy. For all of you young aspiring QBS, keep this picture and put it up in your room at home. It will serve you well. You’re Welcome “Coach Sink”