Sink’s All State Showcase was Great

A group of people sitting on the grass with one man standing.
coach Sink addressing the group

It was a 10:00 am arrival at the beautiful Whittenberg U at their indoor football facility, the Steemer, where the 2023 Coach Sink’s All-State invitation only Showcase Camp was about to get underway. The coaches were greeted by Coach Kilz and administrator, Savanah Kilzer with a refreshing little snack she arranged through the Springfield Chick-fil-A with biscuits and sandwiches and coffee at no charge for any of us. Thanks Chick-fil-A and Savanah.

10:30 am was the coaches meeting but even before that Gretchen and Lou Bartola, Donna Smith and Shelly and Kirk Hines, were all there doing all the get ready things needed. Gretchen and Donna had the Ball Boys, Leo and Luke smith, Blake Bartola, Colin McAllister, and Cruz Crum all speeding around the arena setting up cones, laying out all the awesome jersey’s (supplied by Hollywood Imports of Columbus) and setting up stand’s for parents and visiting coaches. Even earlier Wild bill’s Production of Sunbury Ohio had their entire staff there constructing the complete video set up needed to live stream the event to all coaches from all teams in the power 5 conferences plus those in the Mac, the American, Mnt. West, etc. and many other D1 schools. 11:00 am rolled around and the invited players were arriving many already carrying D1 offers and some 4 stars on Rivals and 247 and from Championship programs in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, and Kentucky.

12:00 pm was Kick Off and that is just what happened. Coach Sink greeted all the players and introduced the who’s who in coaching and then brought Purcell Gaskin formerly with the Carolina panthers and looking like he was still in playing shape to send the boys off after the clap once, clap twice, clap three times routine that always gets you ready to play.

The DBS all in Black shirts head off with Ohio Hall of fame Coach John Majistro and his partner affectionately known as Coach Dunk who has coached in every level of College and one year of Pro ball in the Canadian league. They all headed to stretch and get loose for the start of the footwork section that includes some pilates before they are put through all their D-back drills. These guys will be ready for the “one on ones” when they come together with the offense.

The WRS headed off in their RED jerseys to their station to stretch and run before they start learning the first 3 routes of the New England Patriot box drill. Coach Zack Yousey the former star WR from U of Toledo, and had a good chance with his 4.4 speed to work out for several NFL teams had it not been for a bad hamstring pull, might still be playing in the league. Coach Micah Lowe who was a student of Coach Sink’s and played for the great John Majistro brought his young expertise from Chicago to private coach guys getting ready for the NFL and did an awesome job on the Mic during the 2-minute drills articulating all the names of the WRS during each rep.

The QBS headed off with Coach Sink who believes in a lot off stretching for these guys is very helpful before they start throwing. After warming up of the bodies they went straight to the white line where all the QBS worked the one step, two step, three firm, and three and a close and five and a close footwork that they would all have to use during this showcase. Coach Paul Kilzer, who not only is Coach Sink’s number 1 man coaching but is also responsible for the Tech end of the camp, plus, first time coaching the showcase was HC Brandon Fort of Centennial HS in Columbus, and the last year MVP of the QBS, Bryce Shondelmyer, who did a sensational job for his first time coaching and especially during the 2-minute drill section where he called most of the plays for the QBS. He is currently playing QB at Youngstown State University but after his career he should have a great chance coaching the offensive side of football.

The QBS joined the WRS and started working in the NE Patriot box drill together as it is excellent way to prepare QBS to get the ball out quick and the receivers to work their change of direction and popping their head around to the ball. We are underway and watch the site as there will be a lot more about these talented kids this week and where they are from and headed to play. We will be telling and showing the MVPS of each position and of the entire camp so keep checking the site. Great start to what became a great showcase for some very talented young players. Coach Sink’s All-State QB, WR, DB Showcase.