This is why I do what I do !!!!

In my now 17 years of private coach, coaching Quarterbacks and Receivers I have never posted a conversation between me and a Player or me and a Father, Mother, or supporter of that player.   This one so moved me that I felt I wanted to share it with all of you.  Everything printed in Black was said by a father of one of my incredibly hard working young QBS, and everything in RED, was what I answered.   I have purposely not disclosed the names as I do not want what was said to affect recruiting or coaching of this fine young man.  I had just asked for the stats from Friday night so, Here is the first text:


“I was so into the game that I really didn’t pay that close attention to the stats.” “ I will find out for you.” 

“His composure is top notch and I thank you for constantly drilling that into his head.” “I have received a lot of compliments about it and I wanted to pass some your way. You are not just a Coach to him sir.” “He has grown mentally so much in the last 6 months, it’s amazing.”


My response: “Oh, thank you, that means everything to me. Hopefully I am not building just outstanding athletes but great young men, who will be an influence for what is good and right and carry on God’spurpose for why we are here on this earth.  Love you both Coach Sink.”


His next text:  “You have helped me raise and outstanding young man that will do amazing things on this earth. You came into his life at the perfect time and you have really helped me tap into his potential as a football player and human being. For that I am forever thankful.”


My response; “It is why I do what I do, You have given me a great reward.  Thank You Coach Sink


To all the young men I have coached in 35 years of coaching both football and basketball, I say thank you for you all have given me blessings beyond words, and if you follow  God’s right path and those who have your best interest at heart you can change the world, so continue to do so.” Thanks for these earthly rewards Coach Sink


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