Britton Long and his Yellow Jackets Hold on to Win

Mt. Vernon HS in Mt Vernon Ohio visited Mansfield Friday night, to take on Mansfield Madison HS, and the first half belonged to the Yellow Jackets.  Mt Vernon got on the board early by getting a safety, and then Britton Long, my  6’1” 190 lbs QB got the offense moving by completing his first pass to Jessie Foster SR who slipped out of the backfield from his slot position and caught the ball and turned it into a first down and 14 yards. A few plays later Britton again found Big Jessie one more time for 14 yards and a TD.  Jessie Foster has been a regular at Britton’s Coach Sink sessions every week and has made great strides in his ability to catch.


On the next series Britton found Johnny Askew for a 67 yard completion and a first down on the Madison 7 yard line.  Mt Vernon punched it in and it looked like this was going to be an  easy night.  Britton Long did a great job on the next series throwing a deep post to Johnny Askewagain but this one went the distance.  Britton dropped a three step drop, closed it, and let it go and 55 yards later Askewhauled it in running dead out, arms extended and finished the catch by fumbling the ball at the one but recovered it immediately for the TD. Now it did look like it was going to be a route because Mt Vernon was up 28 to 7 at the half. 


I am not sure, but if you have coached for any length of time, you have found yourself with a big lead and so you don’t want to mess it up by being too aggressive and make a mistake that will turn the game against you, so you start to be too conservative and let your defense try to win the game for you.   Exactly what happened at Mansfield to the Mt Vernon yellow Jackets. They played it close to the vest and this time it worked out for them. However, the game became way closer than it should have as Madison worked their way back into the game but fell short.   Final score Mt Vernon HS 28 Madison 23.    Britton Long certainly deserved the win as did a few more of the first string from the Yellow Jackets, so it turned out OK in the end.   Proud of Britton long and Jessie Bayless on defense, and Jessie Foster and Johnny Askew as they all played well enough to win.  I should mention a few more as it was definitely a team win and I think they are ready to hit their stride just about playoff time.   Keep watching this team !!!

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