Freshman Fleharty Starting QB for Lima Bath

Bradyn Fleharty my 6’3” 185 lbs Freshman QB at lima Bath HS in Lima, Ohio just did what most Freshman QBS just dream about.  He is the starting Varsity QBfor opening night against a perennial strong football program in St. Mary’s HS from St. Mary, Ohio.   One good thing is Bradyn will be front of the home crowd, even though in my opinion, it won’t matter as he is one of the most talented freshman I have seen over my career.  


Bradyn  has a strong arm and is very athletic (is the fastest runner on his team) and can already hang with the best QBS in his region and he is a true competitor.  If it sound like I am pretty high on this kid, well you are right, I am !   We have been working him for about 8 months and from the start I knew he had the “IT” factor that very few have.   Bradyn Fleharty, we are looking forward to coaching his development and anticipate a tremendous future for this talented Freshman.

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