All-Star Invites just keep coming for Holtzclaw

Yesterday and today have been pretty exciting for our Senior QB from Westerville Central, Judah HoltzclawThe 6’6” 227 pounder received Confirmation on being chosen to play in the prestigious Blue-Grey All-Star, East-West Classic in The AT&T, Texas Stadium on Monday the 14th of December.  This puts Judah in the top handful of QBS Nationally. 


Then today, Judah was also chosen to compete in the All-American, O-D East Regional game in Myrtle Beach, SC at the Pelican Bowl and will be there from Dec 27 to the day of the game which is the 30th of Dec, 2020.  Only 40 HS Seniors in the US are invited to play in this game. This will allow him to be picked for the National All-American Bowl in Las Vegas , Nevada in Jan, 2021.  By coming to this game Judah Holtzclaw will be competing against All-American Seniors from all over the US, the list of which is compiled by, so they can compete against each other and show their talents to a multitude of top recruiters from major colleges. 


Some of the recent players in this game are Cam Newton and Dez Bryant and a host more of some of the best ever to play the game of Football.

Judah has made incredible strides to develop his game in the last year and has certainly put himself in this Elite group of QBS in the Nation through hard work and perseverance and determination to be the best he can be.  Coach Sink is incredibly proud of Judah Holtzclaw and the young man he is becoming, and is excited to watch and train the future development of this awesome young Talent.


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