Holtzclaw has the Warhawks Flying !!!

It is hard to know where to start when I try to describe the so far, most potent offense in the State of Ohio. One thing I do know is they could not be there without my 6’5” 218 lbs. Junior QB Judah Holtzclaw.  Last Friday was another record night for Judah with  4 TDS again in 2 Quarters of play except this time he went a perfect 8 for 8, bringing  his completion percentage to 75 % for the year.   I often say there is no perfect performances in any game and that is why we keep striving for perfection, but this was pretty close for our young QB.  His QB rating for the game was an amazing 158.3 and currently stands at 130.2 for the season and has the Warhawks as the highest scoring offense in the State of Ohio through 3 games..

Any QB knows, you can not do it by yourself and that is true of Judah and the Warhawks.   Ricky Hyatt the highly recruited running back is also have a stellar year and  so is junior Wide Receiver, Luke Swaney.   Sawney caught a 50 yard TD on the very first play from scrimmage and Hyatt turned a great throw into 61 yard TD.  Myles Williamson another highly recruited member of the Warhawks added another 18 yard TD to the night and Judah capped of the two Quarters with another 1 yard rushing TD.  Missing from the totals was injured Steven Hartley who is usually there in a big way but will return soon.   All this culminated into a 76 to 0 thumping of Northland HS.

This Friday should see the stands and press box filled with Major College coaches (and if you are one that is reading this site you better get there to see Judah Holtzclaw and his posse) as Westerville Central visits Pickerington North as the biggest game in at least all of Central Ohio, if not the State.   Judah Holtzclaw put up another 228 yards passing last Friday and his 12 TDS is second in the State for QBS with 10 passing and 2 Rushing and I dare say the guy who is leading did not play ONLY 7 quarters of football.   Judah has an amazing completion stat of 36 for 48 and 696 yards for the year so far.  I could not be more proud of Judah Holtzclaw and the  3 and 0 Westerville Central Warhawks.

All I can say boys, is Keep Flying the sky is Blue, stay humble and keep being strong and you will love the balance of the year.

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