Carlisle a Star in defeat

It is very rare if ever, that we put up articles about a loss however, in Matt Carlisle’s case he put up such awesome numbers that we couldn’t help but give him some praise for his performance Friday night for the Newark Catholic Green Wave, even though he fell short of a victory.

The 6’3” 195 lbs. Matt Carlisle found himself in the 3rd Quarter down sizably to Paint Valley HS without his team being able to successfully run the football.  So, throw it they can with this big QB behind center, and throw it they did.    Matt put up 3 TDS passing and threw for 270 yards and also rushed for a bunch more…     most all of that was in one Quarter of play.

Matt now has thrown for 608 yards and 9 TDS and rushed for 187 yards so far this season in 3 games.   Matt Carlisle great job and keep believing  Coach Sink’s famous statement “Adversity Breeds Greatness” and you will still put together a fabulous senior year.

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