What to do when Soccer takes the field !!!!

Wednesday of this week, we woke up early to get started by 8:30 am on an absolutely beautiful summer

My QB Britton Long and 3 of his wide receivers were all there ready to go when we found out the field was full of soccer players from

Mt. Vernon High school and there coach had reserved the field for the next 2 hours.   I had 3 more sessions to do that day so we decided to make the best of the time we had by heading to the famous South Side Diner in Mt. Vernon to put away some fabulous breakfast food. You can see Coach Sink, Britton Long QB, Gavin Moyer WR, and Wyatt Gregory RB/SR all pictured here (L-R) just finishing our food and fun.

Not to worry now, as we re-scheduled for 5 pm that same day and ended up with all of these guys and 2 more receivers for an awesome work out that ended by throwing fades into the end zone.   Britton, who is coming along very well as a Junior starter QB for Mt. Vernon varsity placed the ball on the 40 yard line and threw fades into the back of the end zone to all of his receivers. He first threw to the right corner, then to the left, and then moved up the field in 5 yard increments until he finished at the 15 yard line where he threw the rocket throws to the back pylon that most all of Coach sink’s kids can throw. Britton is getting that little extra fire power that only a few QBs get and has 2 receivers in Wyatt Gregory, already the star running back for the Yellow Jackets but now a dangerous slot receiver, and Gavin Moyer a gazelle type WR that can snatch the ball out of the air with his big hands, and tall, lanky body.    Britton has a couple of more WRS that will make Mt. Vernon HS this fall a dangerous air attack team. 

All this hard work and a few more BIG Breakfast’s from South Side Diner and no telling where this team could end up!!!   We are looking for a very good year in Mt. Vernon’s quest to turn their football fortunes towards state recognition.  They were started on the right track 2 years ago when another Sink QB won his final 5 games in a row and threw for over 2300 yards in those 5 games. That was Wyatt Gregory’s older brother Jackson Gregory.  I think what Jackson had started just may come to fruition under the direction of the young Britton Long and the balance of this year’s Yellow Jacket team.  By the way, construction of some fabulous additions to the stadium and athletic facilities are underway and we can’t wait to see them finished this fall.  Mt. Vernon looks like they are more serious then ever about their football team, let’s see what happens !!

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