More Star’s want to pay the price !!

I keep reiterating it is not easy to be great, and the longer I coach the more I am positive that is true.  However, that being said,

I also maintain that this generation is not different from mine, or all the ones in between.  Given the opportunity I see that these kids are more than willing (given the chance),  to run through the proverbial wall for someone who believes in them and asked the best of them.

One more team fits this bill; That is the heart and soul of the new Lakewood HS team, that are pictured above.  R to L across the back is Ryan Ogilbee SRConnor Vierstra QB, Noah Siniadach WR, front, Connor Roesink RB/ SR, Coach Sink, Colin Vierstra WR and cousin of Connor Vierstra my outstanding senior QB.    Connor Roesink, who moved into the Lakewood area and transferred from Newark Catholic where he stared for 2 years, Colin Vierstra at WR, Noah Sindiach WR, and Ryan Ogilbee at SR (who may also end up being a very good punter), look like they are going to be a lethal group to catch Connor Vierstra’s rockets and take the pressure off of the running game which should be very good too.

Now, none of this is what makes me say these guys are all wanting to be super star players.  What does make me say that I am a believer, is watching them this week all show up at 11 am and work for an hour and a half with Coach Sink, after 2 straight days of 2 a days and 2 more days of 2 a days starting with that afternoon in 3 hours.   Who ever said the young men in this country are not the same as the last generation must not know the many young men that are working with me.   These guys at Lakewood are intense about turning the fortunes of this program around for Head Coach Lee and OC Coach Poulnott.   I can’t wait to see these guys from THE WOOD perform…    

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