Holtzclaw stars at R1se Midwest Showcase in Michigan

Judah is on a roll.  We started the day Saturday stopping to see Bowling Green State U. in Bowling Green Ohio.  My good friend and new Head Coach Scot Loeffler invited us into his office and we had a great 45 minutes discussing recruiting and Judah’s future.  Then on to U of Toledo where we got the grand tour from their graduate assistant QB Coach DiMinno, who was all over Judah about coming to school and playing for them.  Sharmin, Judah’s mom was a big hit with one of the coaches which is normal on our trips. These two schools are a short list of all the Universities that have visited Westerville Central HS to see Judah, (which include some of the very top programs in the country) during this open period.  We will be reporting on all of them next week.

So as not to be late for the R1se Midwest Showcase in Bright, Michigan and under the great driving abilities of Judah’s dad, Ray Holtzclaw we zipped up US23 and arrived at about 1:30 pm for a 2 pm start.   My partner Schemy Schembechler of GES Advisory, had already called ahead and pre-introduced us to Justin Cessante the camp owner and director so he was expecting us.  We immediately got Judah into his warm up routine and Ray showed off his WR skills which are still pretty good, catching for us.  By the time the QBS started throwing Judahwas in full stride.  

The one on ones were definitely the high light of the camp and that is when Judah put on a show. Judah ended up with the most TDS and probably the best percentage in the camp.  He completed 9 of 12 throws and 6 TDS and 4 of those were in excess of 45 yards and 2 were 55 yard long perfect spiral dropped perfectly in the hands of the receivers.   I liked 4 QBS at the camp but one came home in the car I was riding and I will take him over any I saw there.  Judah Holtzclaw 6’5 ½ “ 210 lbs. is the real deal and if he commits to what it takes to be great you will see him play this sport for a long time. We hit the road again and Ray had us home by 9:45 pm.   Great day and great performance by our super Sophomore QB, Judah Holtzclaw.

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