Holtzclaw Top 19 Prospects in USA !

One of the best rating sites who do their homework and actually report specifically on each Quarterback they asses is “the QB Hit List” and their ratings just came out yesterday.   They listed in their premier division for the Class of 2021 our outstanding young QB Judah Holtzclaw 6’6” 210 lbs from Westerville Central HS  Westerville Ohio as #19 Pro style drop back passer and #25 as a dual threat in the country.   They also listed Judah as the #2 pro Style and #3 overall prospect in his class in the State of Ohio.

So as not to confuse you with my assessment of him and theirs, I thought I would just print their entire report for you to read:  

Judah Holtzclaw

Judah has excellent size for a 2021 Pro Style QB at 6’6” 210 lbs. A very tall presence in the backfield, able to oversee the entire field for potential targets. He throws with a fully extended arm release, able to add even more height to his throws.


His throws are made with great timing and location, allowing for his receivers to make a play on it. High velocity throws at short and intermediate range, made with precision.


A strong throwing QB who can hit in all areas of the field. He can let it rip at short range or let it fly at long distances with good trajectory.


Judah throws with an over the top delivery, coming with a fully extended arm motion on the deep balls and a compact delivery a short range.


Shows good mobility as he works to the outside, able to adjust the rotation of his body, positioning himself in-line with his receivers. Good movement for a QB of his size.


Good agility in and around the pocket, creating added space for himself. A long stride runner who can pick up chunks of yards at a time. Shows good elusiveness out in the open field.


Good patience in the backfield, waiting for the play to fully develop. He shows good awareness of defensive pressure, able to step up in the pocket.


Judah throws with a tall platform, able to survey the entire field for potential targets. Able to avoid traffic within the pocket with solid agility. There is no distance that he can’t hit on.


Very good read on the defense as he hits on his primary target.


This is an area of strength for Judah, he’s able to adjust the velocity of his throws when the passing situation calls for it. Throws over the top of coverage with good trajectory.

In my book pretty accurate assessment.    Proud of this young man who is the complete package as a person as well as a complete Quarterback..

His High School head coach, Coach Morrison, is going to be a busy man as the recruiters are streaming through the school to see Judah.   We will report all of those visitors to you next week.

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