Dalton Pritchard Engineers 28 to 21 victory for Spencerville.

Another new QB training with coach Sink got his 2nd Varsity start and I am here to tell you this boy at 6’3” 190 lbs has a bright future taking snaps and guiding his Spencerville HS through the next 3 years.  Dalton Pritchard has been working hard perfecting his quarterback skills and comes from a mother and father that are athletic and following his brother who was a successful QB at this same HS.  His Dad Clark played college football for the Northwestern Wildcats and still looks the part of a former player.  However, we are wishing Clark a speedy recovery after a short stint in the hospital for heart issues.   We have all been praying for him.

We are looking forward to reporting some big numbers for Dalton as he works his way through the season.  Go Dalton Pritchard, and go Spencerville High School.

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