Wyatt Gregory Flying High!

Here is a young man that started catching routes for his Big brother Jaxon, who is now playing QB in College, so many years ago , I can’t remember exactly when he started. Well, consistency pays off.  Friday Wyatt Gregory, 5’9” with a body packed with muscle, put the Mt. Vernon Yellow jackets on his back and carried them to a big victory over the Wildcat’s of Newark High School, 42 to 21.

Wyatt at times would ask more questions or give you more comments then run his routes during the work outs, however all those discussions eventually started to stick and look what happens. Little (BIG) Wyatt rushed for 23 times and put 120 yards and 2 TDS and then just to make me happy, turned around and caught a ball out of the backfield for 6 yards and ended up with 5.4 yard per touch average on the night.  Man, am I proud of this kid.  As all of you know running backs do not get articles run on them very often but in this case I just had to do it.   Congratulations Wyatt Gregory and his Mt. Vernon team mates!!!!!!

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