Caprella gets invite to OSU

Johnny Caprella my outstanding 6’2” 200 lbs QB from Lima Shawnee HS got the invitation all awesome young football players in the State of Ohio dream to get but for most it is only a dream. Pictured here is Johnny with his parents John and Jackie Caprella in the end zone in the shoe Saturday to watch the Buckeyes with fellow recruits and for a Coach who has been lucky enough to have many players over the years have this experience, this was an awesome day for all the Caprellas .  Even though it was a rain soaked afternoon, it would take more than that to dampen the spirits of Johnny Caprella and his family at this event..

What all the colleges see that are recruiting Johnny is one incredible athlete who has excelled in 3 sports, scoring 29, 30 and 40 points in one night this past year in basketball, to being a key member of a traveling baseball team that was all over the country, to going to ESPN Elite QBCamp this summer and scoring in the top 1 % of the United States.  As his team mates would tell you , “He is a baller”.

Johnny Caprella’s future is bright as a Pro type drop back passer, or elite spread type athlete who can fire the ball with anyone in the country.  He has as quick a release with velocity as anyone I have coached and as accurate a thrower with proper mechanics that rival the Tom Brady’s of the world.  There is a great future ahead for Johnny if he keeps his excellent work ethic, and makes good decisions in life, weather he ends up at Ohio State or any other University.  Proud of you Johnny Caprella.

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