Mark Waid goes to New York City


Mark Waid another of my outstanding Junior QBs this past year has picked out the Big Apple in which to play College Football.   Congratulations to Mark and to Fordham University for landing one of the truly best talents in the US in High School Football.   I have had the pleasure of coaching Mark since he was in the 8th grade and what a joy it has been.   Through 2 years of what you would call growing pains for a football program that was not the best, this guy Mark Waid, stood steady, kept working diligently to get better, all the time giving all he had, and most of that time playing at a remarkable level even through multi loss seasons.   Last year however, he put together a season that all Junior QBS dream of, almost getting all the way to the State Championship game, by winning his conference and his region and becoming Ohio High School Player of the year in his division as voted on by the illustrious Max Prep Sports.

Mark put up the kind of numbers that a true Champion QB does by leading the State of Ohio year end in throwing yardage of 3506 yards and amassing 59 TDS

both of which are Trumble County and his High Schools all-time single season  records.  Marksathletic Director Nick Cochran took charge of his recruiting and he and Mark settled onFordham University in New York City, that offered Mark a full ride to play football and get an incredible education and under the largest but most discriminating press media in the country.  I am sure if the Fordham coaching staff sees what I know about Mark Waid he is about to embark on a similar career with stats that will rival those he achieved in high school at the next level and put Fordham on a winning track like they have not seen in years.   Good Luck in his senior year to one of the finest young men I have known in my life and had the privilege to coach, MARK WAID.

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