Bycznski Goes South

Trevor Bycznski our 6’5” 235 lbs 2019 QB just announced he is headed to Rice University in Houston Texas.   Trevor had several choices but for anyone who has been to Rice University will tell you it is a beautiful campus with an incredible reputation for being an excellent academic school. I have been there and I will tell you even though it is in the middle of Houston, it is a community all by its self and is a very intriguing setting that Trevor found to be to his liking.

Trevor ended up his Junior year with an Ohio State leading regular season  3020 yards in passing and all the other stats to go with it.  ( Read other articles on Trevor by scrolling down in this section to view all his accomplishments)  This made Trevor the leading passer in the state in division 1 previous to any playoff games.  He will be a big hit on the Rice football team and I believe they are on the rise in their area of big time football.   We look forward to following his success.  Congratulations to another Sink Coached QB to hit the college ranks. And congratulations to RICE University.

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