Newark Catholic starts season with a Bang!

For those of you who were wondering about Newark Catholic and their new head Coach Ryan Aiello, worry no more.  As far as first game jitters for anyone, relax, these guys played in most part like they really knew what they were doing and the coaching staff was well prepared for the Maysville Panthers after a loss to them last year.

This game started out with the Green Wave being the aggressor and taking their opening drive ending in a 3 point field goal and then turning around in the second quarter and adding 7 more but failed to keep the Panthers out of the end zone just before half time, but still lead 10 to 6.

In the second half the game got very interesting but one thing that was very impressive all night was the new Coach Aiello defense,  led by Junior free safety Connor RoesinkSophomoreDrew Hess at defensive end and Grant Myers and several others who played way better than a first game night and will be a tuff out for almost anyone if they play up to potential. This defense had stop after stop in the second half including one 4th down and one from their own end zone, keeping Maysville from scoring.

Maysville scored however, late in the 4th quarter and took a 13 to 10 lead and then Matt Carlisle my outstanding young Junior QB took over the game.  He threw what looked to be the game winner with about 2 minutes left in the game to his big Senior wide receiver Lucas Pierce but just missed the connect, firing a 45 yard fade in the left corner of the end zone, that ended up missing Lucas’ outstretched hands, I promise, by no more than 2 inches.  Adversity Breeds Greatness, and wow did it !!!   Matt was a true leader as he was unflappable by turning it up and competing at a higher level, from that point on.   With just over a minute left in the game Matt had to scramble on 4th down and 8 and by sure determination dove out of bounds while being tackled, just beyond the sticks.  Then it was time for the play of the night when Carlisle rolled right from the 18 yard line and hit Senior Grant Myers with a rocket as Grant ran a perfect deep out in the corner of the end zone , just getting both feet in for the winning TD.  ThatNC defense finished the deal with 3 sacks of the Panthers QB, Final score Newark Catholic 17 Maysville 13.   All the guys in this article are regular weekly (or more)work out guys with Coach Sink.    Congratulations, Green Wave.

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