Freshman, What a crop!!!

Pictured above is one of my new Freshman QBS Brody Todd from Poland HS in Poland, Ohio with his Big fine wide receiver brother Collin and Alex Glaros another fine WR from Poland HS.   I am looking forward to some awesome football out of these guys this fall.  Brody is a talented young athlete that should make Poland HS proud as their QB.

In addition, all the rest of these are either Freshman currently or soon to be Freshman this fall.   I would say this may be my strongest group of young QBS I may ever had and these are just the ones that are already having success either on the field or in the recruiting world.  Just so you know this list is  in no special order but basically in the order they joined the Sink Team.

At the moment, the Super Star of the group would have to be Judah Holtzclaw from Westerville Central in Westerville, Ohio, who is listed in the top 23 recruits at the QB position in the USA.  You can read more about him by scrolling down a couple of articles here on the site.

Andrew Siler is from Avon HS in Avon, Ohio and is a big strong left hander that has huge potential and plays for a top D1 program.  He is in the Cleveland area and is a multi-sport athlete and I am excited about what he will do as a varsity QB..   Andrew is a smart young athlete with that key leadership talent that only the great ones have.

Britton Long is a very athletic young talent and will be playing for Mt. Vernon HS in Mt. Vernon, Ohio where he will be following another Coach Sink QB, Jaxon Gregory.   Jaxon lit it up last year in the last half of the season to grab a college scholarship to play football and helped turn the program around for the Yellow Jackets.  Britton is going to surprise a lot of people this year is my guess.

Dalton Pritchard is a Freshman QB at Spencerville HS, in Spencerville Ohio and his older brother precedes him as the starting QB on the varsity but he will be moving on to college.  He comes from a football family as his Dad played College football at Northwestern and it looks like Dalton is going to have some of his Dad’s size which will help him at the QB position.  Looking forward to his maturing into a top QB.

Garret Diedenbach is a Zanesville Ohio QB who has just started his journey, however, he appears to be a real work-a-holic, as he has made some incredible strides after just a few workouts.   This young man is serious about this adventure so I am betting on him to be a really good one for Bishop Rosecrans HS.  Garret has a great opportunity to start early for this Jesuit football enthusiastic school.

Last but not least, is a Michigan QB from down river in the Detroit area called Taylor, and his name is Grayson Patrick.  Grayson comes from not only a football background but his Dad is his head Coach. He just recently was put on the list so, I am looking forward to working him and seeing him be a star QB for his Dad Darrel Patrick.

This is what makes coaching so exciting.  I am sure that a few of these guys will be able to play on the top levels of this game and can’t wait to see who ends up being another Offense Player of the year, or Player of the year in his state.   We have been so blest with some awesome kids as we have had, either the Offensive Player or the Player of the Year 3 of the last 4 years in the State of Ohio alone.  Thanks to all my kids for being great students of the game.

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