Notre Dame -Judah Holtzclaw 1 of 2 Recruits at Spring Game from 2021

My outstanding young Freshman QB from Westerville Central HS in Westerville Ohio, Judah Holtzclaw (6’6” 200 LBS.) finds himself listed as one of  Notre Dame’s fighting Irish recruitsJudah remains 1 of 2  recruits from the 2021 class on this prestigious list that attended the Blue vs Gold game this past Saturday.

Judah, with his Mom (Sharmin) and Dad (Ray) just returned from Notre Dame’s Spring game Saturday and had an incredible visit and returned home to  find some more great news this morning.


It looks like Notre Dame is not the only interested party.  The following schools all have Judah as one of their  prospects at the QB position for the 2021 CLASS according to google:  Texas A & M, Cal, Oregon, Nebraska, Clemson, and Ohio State which have him listed as 1 of 2 QBs recruit for the 2021 Class.

Looks like the future is bright for another of my young Stars.  Congrats Judah, now let’s go to work and prove them ALL- —Right !!!!

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