Caprella shines at Nashville Elite 11

Johnny Caprella (6’2” 195) just keeps on showing people that he might be from Lima, Ohio, but he can play with any QB in the country.  Sunday he took on the State of Tennessee and at least 70 or 80 QBS from all over the country, including the newly committed recruit for the National Champions – Alabama.   What is most amazing about this achievement is, this was Johnny’s first ever Elite 11, and some of the other QBS were in their third year of competing with some attending 2 or 3 per year.  There is no more prestigious QB camp then this one from ESPN and sponsored by Nike.

Johnny was first and is in the top 1 % for All QBS in the medicine ball throw, then he ran a 4.2 shuttle (top 5%), finally did the 40 in 4.9 which he slipped on both attempts and is not as good as he has run before, but ended up in the top 5 in the camp.  However, all of this was done in a torrential down pour and winds up to 40 miles per hour.    It was the worst weather day of competition I have ever seen at Elite 11 and this is somewhere around 12 or 14 that I have attended over the last 7 years.

Now you can imagine what it was like to start throwing the ball to receivers with the ball having been in this weather for several hours.    I know it felt like it weighed ten pounds and very well could have.   It didn’t botherJohnny Caprella much !!!   During the one on ones he threw 5 TDS and one of which he threw 53 yards against the wind with some of the hardest rain all day.  Caprella, when the camp ended, was handed his score card—85.5 —he was in the top 5 QBS in the entire camp and that rating puts him in the top 5% in the country for allElite 11 QBS.

I am very proud of this young man as he has played only one year of varsity football but is a real student of the game and continues to work hard every day to get better, more accurate, improve his already great feet in the pocket, and develop his deception in the pocket, and study defenses so he is prepared to carve them apart.  Johnny Caprella is now on the radar for Kentucky, Tennessee, Boston College, Pitt., Toledo and many more and can’t wait to continue his competition at Elite 11.

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