Graham Walker Best personal stats in playoffs


We always seem to assess a QB with how he plays in Big Games.  Graham Walker, my 2019 QB from Battleground HS in Northern Virginia did just that (Play Big)  in the State Playoff game against the 6A State Champs Westfield HS, and even though he came up a little short I do have to report an incredible performance by Graham.    Battleground  has relied mainly on the run this year with some passing but certainly not any type of large percentage on putting the ball in the air.

In this game up until the third Quarter they were unable to move the ball on the ground at all, so as any good coach would do, Graham’shead coach decided to put the ball in the hands of his Junior QB to see what might happen. Well, Graham made it happen, throwing the ball a total of 28 times and completing 17 of those passes for 223 yards and 2 TDS and this was all in the third and fourth quarter. Grahamalso rushed for 11 yards, which doesn’t seem like much unless you consider the fact that Battleground only rushed for 38 yards in the entire game.

Graham’s team ended up short but only lost to the 6A State Champs 28 to 14 but he had his number one performance of the year, so you can see he is a gamer if given the chance.   Way to go Graham, proud of your performance.   Watch his highlights from this game:

Watch his highlights from this year here:

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