Isaiah Healy Receives Offer


After just returning from a visit to Cincinnati last week, Isaiah Healy, my very talented dual threat QB at Westerville Central HS in Westerville Ohio, received his first (of what we believe will be many) offer to play College Football.  This offer is from D2 Limestone U. in South Carolina, where, if he was to choose this place to play, would be playing under a former NFL player and staff.   Exciting times for a young man that deserves a real chance to show who and what he is as a young man and great athlete on the football field.

I have a feeling this is another story of many that verifies “Adversity Breeds Greatness” my quote, that most of my players have memorized.  Isaiah, after having a tough year with his HS team that should have been a team competing for State recognition and going down with an injury and missing the last 2 games, has had the type of adversity that you do not wish on any of your athletes.   My bet is with Isaiah, this only makes him compete harder.

A special thanks goes out for the effort that is being put out by his coach John Magistro, and GES advisory and Shem Schembechler, and coach White from Olentangy Liberty HS (who was a competitive coach of Isaiah’s this year) who has been spreading the word about what a great young QB Isaiah is.  This goes to prove, if you play hard and play to win, but do it the right way, they will finds you in this awesome world of football.   So proud of my man Isaiah Healy.

Watch him here:


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