Trevor Bycznski rolls Lakewood Rangers 56 to 14


It is not very often that you can depend on your left tackle as a Quarterback like Trevor Bycznski can.  Pictured above is a tandem to die for!!   QB Trevor and his twin brother Jared who just happens to be his Left Tackle.   Nothing like a QB with a left Tackle he can count on, on every play but these two are masterful together.

Trevor, my big 6’5” 230 lbs. QB from Berea Midpoint has been putting up monster numbers and this week was no different. This time Trevor went 14 of 22and 3 TDs throwing the ball, and one of those was to his outstanding running back Bryce Agnew, who also had a great night with 95 yards on14 carries.  Trevor put up his third huge night throwing with 246 yards of Rockets over the Madhouse on Madison to deliver the punches that put away the Rangers of Lakewood. He also had one TD rushing and Berea had a halftime score of 42 to 7.

Trevor’s coach put it this way after the game in the NEO Sports Insiders sports blog from Cleveland.  “It’s the second year in our system which is a huge plus. He took some strides last year and has a very good feel for what we are trying to accomplish.  It is nice to be on the same page with him and get one on one time in our second year together.  He is up with everything we are doing and is like another coach on the field, so that really helps.  The kids really respect him as a leader and that has really carried over in his play.”

Trevor has been throwing with the motion I like to see from my QBs and I am very proud of this talented young Junior QB as his future is very bright and I look forward to his continued development this spring and summer.  Go Trevor Bycznski, keep lighting them up, and keep winning ball games for Berea Midpoint.

Berea Midpoint 56  Lakewood Rangers 14.

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