Josh Stewart and Jaguars # 1 in Central Ohio


Senior Quarterback Josh Stewart keeps on leading Coach Mike Laparo’s  Hilliard Bradley Jaguars to another victory over the most improved football team in Central Ohio, Thomas Worthington HS Worthington, Ohio.   He did it, and for sure did not hurt his status of being the# 1 QB in the area by putting up some awesome numbers again.  Josh passed for 283 yards and 3 TDs and rushed for another 48 yards.  Daevon Anderson, his first team All-state WR caught 183 of those yards on 7 catches and 2 of those touchdowns (one of 48 yards, the other of 73 yards), and is looking to play D1 football next year as well, so you will be hearing from both of these guys in the near future at the next level.


Josh has another super star WR in 6’5” Kory Taylor, who had 5 catches for 56 yards and should have had one more catch for 42 yards and a TD when Josh threw a perfect strike on a post to him, but the ref had planted himself directly in line with Kory’s route and doesn’t run a 4.46 40 like Kory does. Therefore, the ref could not get out of the way so the ball, Kory, and the ref arrived at the same time.   Should have been pass interference on the ref but he did not attempt to get his flag out of his pocket.  (Just kidding on that part but not the rest, Ha!!)


Josh finished his part of the night by throwing a wheel route out of the backfield for a 38 yard TD to Grant Beuhl, his awesome, athletic running back and giving the Hilliard Bradley Jaguars a 5-0 record and a #7 ranking in the State of Ohio, and a victory by the score of 31 to 17.  As I often say, “that and a buck, will get you a cup of coffee” as the Jags have to face a team that recently has never been an easy out.  That Is Dublin Scioto, so Josh and his boys are just looking to go 1-0 for this next week and see what the future holds.


“Adversity Breeds Greatness” as I often recite for all my men who work out with me, but in this case, Josh Stewart is the poster child for that statement.  I am everyday thankful that Joshcame into my life for it is rare when a young man has to move between his sophomore and Junior year and then has to move again between his Junior and Senior year.  Due to his brother, who is a “special needs” child, all this has been necessary, and to watch this young man take all this is stride, become the Quarterback that he is, the team leader that he is, and theincredible young man that he is, is AMAZING !!   His theory for life is Faith, Family, and Football and he is a great example of how that works.  Josh Stewart, thanks for being the man you are!


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