Bayles’ 2nd Half Heroics – Heath Wins


I arrives at the Heath HS, Heath Ohio game, after being at the Granville / Columbus DeSales game for the first half.  When I walked down the hill, Heath was kicking off for the 2nd half of their State Playoff game against Indian Valley.    The score board read Indian Valley 13 Heath 7.   Before I got to the sidelines Indian valley had a good run and a long pass and scored so it is now

I V 20 Heath 7.  It did not look good for another Playoff win for Heath and my Super Sophomore QB Brayden Bayles.  Little did I know  I was about to watch one of the top personal performances of any High School QB I have ever coached.  Certainly the best Sophomore performance for a half I have ever had by one of my QBS and one of the best I have ever seen in High School.  After watching the film of the game I will tell you, Brayden threw a beautiful fade in the right corner of the end zone from his 49 yard line to Reece Huber for the one score in the first Quarter for the Bulldogs.


The kick off from Indian Valley was miss-handled by Heath so QB Brayden Bayleshad his back against the wall at the 10 yard line. Bayles rolled left to avoid pressure and found Mitchell McClain left slot with his hand up and Bayles hit him perfectly for a first down at the 23 yard mark.  He then hits McClain on a smash route for 6 yards, then on 3rd and 4Brayden runs the ball with urgency and quickness.  1st down on the 41 yard line.   A penalty for procedure and Health is 1st and 15. After 2 unsuccessful plays it’s 3rd and 15 so Brayden throws a fade to Reece Huber , who goes up high and get’s belted, but pass interference is the correct call. So, it’s first down at the Indian Valley 49 yard line.    A hand off to RB McCrae got 0 yards but McCrae looses his cool and gets a 15 yardpersonal foul penalty and is thrown out of the game.  It was almost as if that added fuel to the fire burning in Bayles’stomach.  1st and 27 for Heath at their own 33 yard mark.


Bayles rolled to the left and decided to run only to get another penalty for holding but I V declined the penalty making it 2nd and 27.   None of this seemed to bother Bayles at all as he decides to run again but this time he is flying around the field and is finally stopped after a 23 yard gain.  Now, 3rd  down and 4.   After a forced throw away it is 4th down and 4 and you guessed it, Bayles throws a rocket out to McClain, who makes a great catch for a first downat the 39 yard line of Indian valley. Brayden again chased out of the pocket and throws a deep jump ball to  Reece Huber, who goes up high and snatches it for a first down at the 15 yard line.  A play action zinger to Mitchell McClain on a slant and boom, TD.   As you watched this you could see the tide starting to turn and that Indian Valley could definitely be in trouble.   Score Heath 14 I V 20.


A holding penalty on the kick off and a procedure penalty on first down makes it1st and 15 from their 7 yard line for the kids from the Valley.   You could feel the pressure as  HC Tim Ward’s defense is now playing up to their red hot potential.  3 downs gets 3 yards and a punt, and here comes Bayles and his boys.   A quick throw for a perfect stop route and a swing pass out of the backfield toConnor Corbett and it’s a first down on the Valley 25.    Bayles runs for 8 more yards then throws about 25 yard 2 ball perfectly placed in the back right corner of the end zone for Keylan Williams who makes an easy catch for another Heath TD making it 21 to 20 Heath.


Look out the Bulldogs are growling and that defense is coming after Indian valley.   Williams bats down a pass attempt, and Valley gets a penalty and its3rd and 18, and big number 34 Postelwaite sacks the Valley QB and that makes it 4th and 28. Connor Toomey makes a good fair catch of the punt and it is Heath ball 1st down 10 at the 46 yard line of Indian Valley. Bayles throws another perfect strike to McClain and Mitchell turns it up field.  2nd and 2 and the Bayles looks like he is going to be sacked, but not so, as he rolls out to the right and finds a wide open Keylan Williams and it is another first down at the 23 yard line to start the 4th quarter.   A play action laser is thrown to Mclain by Bayles on a slant and Mitchell takes it to the 5 yard mark and a first down DOGSCorbett runs the ball to the 3and Bayles finishes the drive with a sweep right for the TD. Bulldogs 28 valley 20.    


The dogs are barking as Postelwaitegets another sack on the Valley QB and they are forced to punt again and Heath fair catches it on the 42 of Valley.   Going for it all, Bayles throws a deep down the sidelines ball and the defensive back picks it off for a first down for Valley on their own 15 yard lineIndian valley goes 3 and out again and then tries a fake punt on 4th down and comes up short so the ball goes back to Heath at the 39 of Valley.  On 2nd and 16 Bayles decides to put those quick feet in action again and races to the 30 for another Heath first down. Bayles throws to McClain who does some good running of his own and makes it 2nd the 3.  Corbett picks up the first down then Bayles throws another great ball to Williams and its first down and goal to go at the 6 yard line.  Corbett swings right and dives into the end zone making the score 34 to 20 Heath. 


Williams finishes off the scoring with a pick 6 of on a throw back attempt intended for the Valley QB at their 21 yard line, making the final score Heath 41 Indian valley 20.  The Bulldogs play Bloom Carrol this Friday night.


My super Sophomore Brayden Baylesfinishes the game on 23 of 33 and 294 yards passing and 3 TDS. Then rushes for 79 yards on 10 attempts and another TD.  His total for this record year so far is now 28 passing TDS, breaking the all-time passing record of 24 at Heath HS. Receiving totals were Huber 5 catches for 88 yards and 1 TD, Williams 5 catches for 87 and 1 TD, McClain 8 catches for 81 yards and 1 TD.  I don’t usually put up defensive numbers but Tim ward’s defense was amazing in the 2nd half so here are the leaders.  Corbett with 14 solo tackles, Gould with 10, Postelwaite 9 and 2 sacks, McClain with 8, and Williams with 2 plus an INT for a TD.    


We are looking forward to another incredible performance by Brayden Bayles and his Heath Bulldogs this Friday.   So proud of my young QB.Brayden Bayles and Coach Sink pictured above after the win.