Johnny Caprella Joins Sink and Football


Shawnee HS in Lima Ohio will have a new QB this year and it is Johnny Caprella, a 6’2” 193 lbs dual threat athlete.   Johnny has been very successful playing basketball and traveling baseball where he is already  playing at a state wide and beyond level in both.  His Dad Johnhas a good friend by the name of Coach Sink so he called him when Johnny said my first love is football and I would like to play QB.  It was a match made in heaven as Johnny took to Sink’s coaching with vengeance and after 6 months it looks like football and Quarterbacking is what should be his first love. Johnny has a big strong frame which includes a big strong arm and he can really throw it, but in addition his agility, quickness and speed make him a real threat out of the backfield.

Pictured here with Shemy Shembeckler of GES Advisory (the most complete recruiting service in the Nation) and Coach Sink right after an hour and a half workout with Sink and Shawnee’s 12 WR’s.  We cannot wait for the season to start for these guys and their young but aggressive coaching staff and the talent around Johnny, because we believe the fortunes of Shawnee are about to take a drastic change for the better. Johnny will be a Junior so he is in the class of 2019 recruits and after Shemy watched him he immediately signed up with GES Advisory so the world will soon know about this fine young QB soon.  Northwest Ohio, open up your sports sections as you will soon see him there with headlines that read Shawnee Wins Another One.

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