Jaxon Gregory and Mt. Vernon with a new Look


New Uniforms,  a New Coach, and a New attitude and we will see what Mt. Vernon football looks like this New Year.   My guess is if these three guys have anything to do with it the offense will be scoring some points and maybe in a hurry and lots of them.  Jaxon Gregory now a coming Senior has become a prolific Passer and QB and has one of the most accurate delivery’s Coach has ever had, and we are looking forward to his college career as a QB.

He is the Man at Mt. Vernon, and the 2 guys on either side of him in this picture are the dynamite needed to explode the Yellow jackets into contention in anybody’s league.   On the left is Logan Tate, who has been working out with Coach Sink since he was in the 8th grade and is a definite college prospect as well, and has become one of Central Ohio elite speedsters.   Kaden Daniels, on the right, is the other deep threat and has plenty of quickness and speed as well to make a balanced attack.

Mt Vernon, as you can see, is sporting a new look and the Black uniforms with Bright Orange accents is a great look and we are expecting a great year under their seasoned QB Jaxon Gregory.  Nothing to do on Friday night?  This will be a place that will be worth hanging out if you love to see the face of a town turn on the enthusiasm of its High School Football Team, go see the Mt. Vernon Yellow Jackets.    You will love them!!!!




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