Bayles Going Camping

A man and a boy standing on top of a football field.

Brayden Bayles the All-time leading Passer and passing TDS for Heath HS in heath Ohio is more than ready to go camping to Major Colleges around the mid-west after his Sunday throwing session. Brayden was firing on all cylinders and if you check his twitter @BraydenBayles, you will see him throwing 15-yard outs, skinny posts of 55 yards, fades, and 20-15 comebacks and a host of other routes that are extremely tough for high school QBS and many college guys.

Brayden was throwing that rocket ball he has developed with it traveling point to point with speed rotations that few QBS have. It was a site to watch and film. He has also worked very hard on his footwork and that shows too, how quick his feet are to set and re-set to make those difficult throws.

Brayden Bayles is also top in his district in the 100 meters, where he has run 11.01, really fast as a QB. I cant wait to see his accomplishments for this summer and this fall as a Senior for Heath HS and Tim Ward’s Bulldogs. I am really proud of this guy and what he has accomplished these past 4 years. Coach Sink

See below Kevin, Brayden, Coach, Grayson, and Connor at work out Sunday. Also above Brayden Bayles and Coach Sink

A group of young men standing on top of a field.