Brody Parsley singing Day

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Coach Sink Brody Parsley singing Day

A great day for a super young athlete of mine who over came all odds, situations and obstacles to get to this day. Brody Parsley QB Grandview Heights HS, Grandview Ohio, Just put his pen on the paper for Wilmington College in Wilmington Ohio, where he again will define most odds by playing 2 college sports, Football as a QB and Lacross. Signing Day was today Tuesday April 11, 2023 at 11am at Grandview Gym.

Brody had a host of people there and my wife Bonnie and I were certainly a proud member of the group. Both of Brodies parents, Rochelle and Solomon plus 2 sets of Grand Parents plus Bordy’s 2 brothers, and Rochelle’s sister were there to support this incredible young man who overcame 3 major injuries to get all the way to his senior year where he became the starting QB. His first year to take a snap, but that didn’t discourage this guy, for he had continued to work on his craft and he was ready. Coach Pederson his HS head football coach said to me, “I wished I had this senior class with Brody to play next years schedule (as they will be in a new conference with schools their size) and just see where that would take us”. I believe all the way to the top!

The coaches at Wilmington saw that incredible tenacity, that thrives within Brody and signed him today for 4 years of leadership and so did the Lacross coaches at Wilmington. We are excited to see what Brody does over the next 4 years. I can see him being a star in both sports. Pictured above is Coach Sink and Brody Parsley at the signing.