Brody Parsley, What A Man 2 Offers

Brody Parsley my Senior QB at Grandview Hts. HS in Grandview, Ohio is an incredible young man, for several reasons but Friday night showed his grit to the ultimate. As you know, I do not usually report on a loss but in this case, I thought it would be appropriate. Brody threw the ball with precision, tight spiral with good velocity and accuracy all night. Picking out the open receivers and hitting them. On the other hand, the receiver performances were often lackluster in effort and many times resulted in fumbles and being stripped of the ball which caused turn overs continually. It was basically an abysmal performance by most of the team with the exception of a few of the younger players. Brody continued with maximum effort all night weather he was running or throwing the ball and that included playing both sides of the ball and rarely coming off the field, even though it was a blowout. He had an amazing night full of adversity.

His first offer came from Fitchburg State a College from Massachusetts near Boston in a rebuilding mode so they are in need of a good QB in which to build around and would give Brody an opportunity to get on the field right away. His second offer came last week from Wilmington College in Wilmington Ohio, where I have already had a player or two play and is an excellent opportunity for Brody to show off his athleticism and speed. I am sure Brody will have even more opportunities and offers yet to come.

Brody has come through adversity which would have made a lot of kids quit, but if you think it would make him stop playing a game he loves to play, you don’t know Brody Parsley like I do. He is a young man of incredible character as through the injuries that kept him sidelined for 2 full years, he never gave up training and continued development of his football skills and there is something to being around a young athlete that just says I Never, Never, Never, give up! Whatever Brody sets his mind too and God gives the opportunity, I bet he will be a tremendous success. Get ’em Brody Parsley, What A Man!