Elite Players and Ones who want to be

It is interesting, how over the 35+ years I have been coaching, it never fails to prove out the guys that work the hardest in the off season are the ones who normally have great success.

Here is a photo of just one of a multitude of workouts that gave been transpiring at Bo Jackson’s Elite Sport facility in Hilliard Ohio over the past month and a half.   It has become my second home.  


Above from left to right is Freshman Luke Lachey, TE University of Iowa who is continually working every time he is home to improve so that he will be a Freshman starter in the Fall for the Hawkeyes, and rarely, does he not show up,  to catch for his former High School’s young QB to help keep the program getting better every year.   Next to him is a Sophomore QB, Brody Parsley from Granview Heights HS who had a pretty major injury this year and has been re-habing like mad and this was only his second time back throwing since is injury.   I am so proud of this young man as he may end up a Poster Child for my patented statement “Adversity Breeds Greatness”!  Brody has certainly had his share of  set backs but comes to work with a great attitude and is working toward his goal for being the starting QB for Granview Heights this fall.   Coach Sink is next and to his left is Connor McCormick, a Sophomore WR for Granview Heights,  who he had great success this year, but as all great ones do, never stops working to get better.

On the right, is another athlete that has come through great Adversity, but was at this workout just catching for Brody to help him get better.  He will be the starting QB in the spring for West Virginia Wesleyan, and  is a former second team All-State QB from Hilliard Bradley, Josh Stewart.  By the way, his Senior year he went 11 and 1 and only lost to the State ChampsJosh will be working again on Tuesday getting his own QB skills tightened up be for returning to college.  I love young men who will not settle for mediocrity or even just being good.   Greatness is a lifestyle, not an attitude. Coach Sink




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