Johnny Caprella visits Morehead State, but just before he Does!

Johnny Caprella my outstanding Senior QB from Lima Shawnee HS in Lima Ohio, was invited to attend a game with his Mom and Dad Saturday at Morehead State U. in Morehead, Ky.  (home of Phil Sims, the famous NY Giants QB)   Johnny and his parents had a good time visiting but if Johnny happens to choose this school, if I were Phil, I would be looking forward to seeing any records I currently hold at my alma mater, to come falling down.  Read on and you will see what I mean.

Just before Johnny left on his visit, in true Johnny Style, he lead his high school team to another victory. Now when I say Johnny Style, I mean just that!  This accurate throwing 6’2” 200 lbs. late game wizard, did it again.  Friday night, Lima Shawnee had lead most of the game 21 to 7 and were a little complaisant and let Bath HS score and bring the game to 21 to 14, then in the final quarter, with 1:25 left Bath got the ball in the end zone again to tie the game 21 to 21. Momentum on the side of Bath, right?   Not when you have Johnny Caprella playing on your team.

Here is how the last one minute and 25 seconds of the game went.   Johnny returned the kickoff from his own 15 yard line up to the 40. Then Johnny went to work, running and throwing. Then it became third down and 10 with less than 20 second left, but not to worry, Johnny took off on a QB draw right up the middle, for 15 yards then  broke it to the left and took it down to the 27 yard line of Bath, and stepped out of bounds.  Here is the wizardry,  with 5 seconds left on the clock, Johnny was chased out of the pocket back to his 40 yard line and then rolled to the right (very Aaron Rodgers like) and sent a 40 yard rocket laser in the back of the end zone to his favorite receiver Triston Dawson and Triston went up in the air over 3 defenders and stretched his 6’2” frame to its max.  He put his hands as high as they could go and locked them down on the ball for the game winner.  Perfect catch, perfect high point throw to the back of the end zone. Lima Shawnee 27 Bath 21.   Johnny Caprella does it again.

Here is an interesting side note;  Triston’s Dad walked up to Johnny Caprella’s dad just after the game ended and said, “Now that is exactly why Triston never misses a coach Sink workout, so that I can watch my son do that!”  Look forward to watching Johnny and Triston as they continue to play awesome football in the future in college.

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