Javion Daniels breaks All-Time Rushing Record for Olivet

One of my favorite kids that I have ever worked is a young man by the name of Javion Daniels and Saturday he broke the All Time one game Rushing record for his new University, Olivet in Kankakee, Illinois.  This summer at his final work out with me before he left the next day, my wife Bonnie happened to be with me and she said, “wow, who is that guy in the tang top shirt?” and I said, “Oh, that is Javion Daniels and he is going to Olivet.”   She turned to me and said, “Olivet, he should be going to the Big Ten or at least the Mac.”   I has just told Javion how I thought he would be an immediate star for that NW Illinois school, but even I didn’t realize he would be the conference leading rusher plus the 14 leading rusher in the USA.

Javion, rushed for 274 yards Saturday and the neat thing was he called Johnny (my incredible Senior QB from Lima ShawneeCapella’s father (who owns Cap’s sport wear in Lima Ohio)  to order T shirts for he and his offensive line celebrating his achievement.  Just like Javion to remember those who help him along the way.   A tremendous young man, rarely missing any of my  workouts for the past 2 years shows his dedication to the sport, to his school , to his lineman, to his future.   I love this young man, go Javion Daniels!  It would not surprise me if he ended up somewhere in the league before his career ends.

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