Waid and the Indians Keep on the Warpath. 6-0


Mark Waid my incredible Junior QB at Girard HS in Girard Ohio has been mowing them down by the week this year and Friday was no different.  Mark’s numbers were good, really good, considering he gets to play about half the game each week.   Mark put up 101 yards passing  on 7 for 11 and then did his usual running the football as well, with 9 attempts for 78 yards.   Michael Belick, his Senior speedster on the outside did his usual, catching 7  of Marky’s passes for 125 yards and that was enough for him in the first half as well.  Both guys sat out the last half, as they were resting for next week,  and no need not to, as the final score was 45 to 0 blanking the 3rd opponent in the last 3 weeks for Waid and his Indians.  Now, knowing Mark like I do, he would be telling you how well his team was playing on defense and I would agree with him.    Coach Pearson has it going and the Girard Indianslead by Mark Waid, are going to be a force to recon with for the balance of the year in Division 4.


Mark has also put up numbers that are awesome for the year and is #1 rated in his region as a QB.  He has a total of 1206 yards passing on 77 of 115, for a 66% completion average and 16 TDs passing.  But the amazing part is, he is also the # 5 rusher in the region with 64 attempts and 629 yards and 9 TDs. Marky has been responsible for 27 Indians TDS this year, and that is 162 points and an average of 4 1/2 TDs per game AND, HE IS A JUNIOR !!!!  Congratulations to my man, Mark Waid and his Girard Indians.  

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