Sink goes to Virginia Horse Country

A group of men standing on top of a grass covered field.


I made a trip last week to the beautiful Haymarket Va. Area, just outside of Manassas, but not too far from Dulles Airport.  I have an outstanding young 2019 QB who already is the starting signal caller for Battlefield High School. This 6’1†195 pounder has great quickness and a good arm already and an outstanding work ethic that will make him a top prospect in Virginia in the next 2 years.  His name is Graham Walker, and I am excited to add him to my list of future D1 QBs.  I had an awesome time driving through the horse country of those beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and arriving about 4pm on Thursday and we went directly to the workout facility to watch all these guys do speed and agility training with Shemy’s (GES) good friend formerly from the Redskins, Leonard Stevens.  I was impressed…..

Then, Friday morning we started at 8:30 am on the field, with Graham doing the throwing honors and the rest of these guys pictured above as receivers.

I will go left to right in the picture above;

Kaleb Prejean a big strong tight end prospect is graduating and on his way to LSU next year to play for the Tigers. If he catches and runs like he did at our session we will see him on the field soon.

Next is Jed Thorne, will be a Senior this year, who has plenty of speed and quickness to be the leading receiver for Battlefield next year and has the size to be a tough cover as well. Jed could put up some sizable numbers from the WR position this fall.

Chris (Mouse) Atkinson is a Sophomore tight end and has already joined our GES Recruiting Partner and you can see from the picture, is a big time looking TE. He not only has the 6’4†height but is about 235 lbs and can run like a WR.   Great quickness and agility for a man his size and can catch and change directions like the little guys.  Mouse has a great future if he goes to work.  

JJ, as I like to call him, is the leading punter in his conference and as well has great hands excellent speed and quickness to really help his HS team next year as a  Senior WR.   Jordan (JJ) Slaiby has that edge to his game and will be successful playing this sport at which ever position he decides to choose to concentrate on.

Jordan Thorne is next in the line.  He is 6’4†and over 200 lbs. He is 6’5†with his special hair-do. J As a Freshman his upside is tremendous and even though he was young and inexperienced he held his own all day long against the rest of the group. I am very impressed with Jordan and I think his future is bright as another Tight End, or position of his choosing. He is big, strong and agile, so we are going to look forward to working him for several years to come.

David was our only Junior high kid and we were very proud of the way that he kept working on a cold blistery day with plenty of wind but never gave up. I think he learned plenty and if he sticks with it he will be proud of where he ends up in this fabulous game of football.

The last guy to the left in the picture is another tight end with power, quickness and agility and has proven his worth with 2 6A Va. State Championships to his credit already.  His name is Nolan Cockrill, another 6’4†230 lbs. and you can see from his film, he can block and catch and should be playing in front of the BIG crowds next year.   A great student and easy to coach to he will do nothing but keep getting better.

We had an awesome time with the Walker family and Graham’s dad, Sam was the organizer of the clinic and we look forward to working with him in the near future again.   It was a whirlwind trip, but we got 6 hours of football training completed in one day, and I was home in time for hitting the bed by 9:30 pm and up again to do a meeting and 2 more sessions on Saturday.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!!!!   Coach Sink.