Jared Drake Now With Ohio State Buckeye Football Program

A football player running for the goal line
Central's Jared Drake escapes from South's Curtis Mitchell at Westerville Central High School Friday, October 12, 2012.

Headshot of OSU freshman football players on Thursday, June 18, 2015.

One of the greatest athletes I have ever coached just transferred to Ohio State. After a very successful year at East Tennessee State, Jared decided he needed a greater challenge and always knew he could play at the top level. By the way, so did I !

Stereotyping positions is prevalent in football as it is in a lot of life’s journeys, and being as competitive as Jared is, he felt making a move to strong side linebacker and being able to play with and against the best in the nation was his future.   Michigan State was also an equally prestigious offer and made a tough decision out of the move but one that had to be made.

We look forward to his success as a Buckeye and his future in the NFL. God’s direction in Jared’s life has been and will continue to be an amazing journey. We love and appreciate him and what he stands for.   Coach Sink

Jared Drake- Ohio State Football Profile