Brody Parsley helps Granview Win

My senior QB Brody Parsley 5’11” 180 lbs. is a dual threat QB with more adversity than anyone could deserve. A very promising Freshman, Brody from the time he started to now has never stopped working hard on his skills but has gone through 2 major injuries that took him out of football just before the first game of both his Sophomore and Junior years. Some guys might have quit after the first one, but most would have quit after the second, but not Brody Parsley, as he beats to a different drum and his love for the game has kept him on board the whole time.

Time and again Brody would be working on his throwing skills even when he couldn’t run, and with a positive attitude way above most high school guys. If he was discouraged most people would have never surmised it because he was happy working even when he had one or two WRS come out to catch.

He even had Luke Lachey (Iowa #85 tight end and one of the premier Tight Ends in the Big Ten this year) come and catch for him during the summer just help Brody get better, and work on his catching and route running skills. Brody and Luke are great examples of Never, Never, Never Give Up.

You can tell how proud I am of him, as last Friday Brody helped lead his team to a 46 to 19 victory over Centennial HS in the opening game. Parsley was 5 for 8 throwing and 80 yards rushing and lead his team down the field to score 3 of 4 drives. Scoring on 2 passing TDS from Brody. Now that is how you need to break into the lineup. Watch out as Brody is a fighter and fierce competitor so go Granview and Go Brody Parsley.