Blake Horvath Commits to Navy !!

Blake Horvath

Blake Horvath did commit to Navy to play QB but a correction is needed so we thought we would tell you again about Blake Horvath my 2022 QB from Hilliard Darby.   The correction is Blake did have 49 TDS in his career, but that would only be part of the story.  He actually put up the incredible amount of 57 TOTAL TDS , ran for 1,722 yards and put up 49 rushing TDS  in 20 games in his  tenure at Hilliard Darby.   The stat mistake is all on his private QB Coach, “Coach Sink”,because he was putting them up so fast he couldn’t stay with the count.!!!  So proud of this young man and here he is pictured with his soon to be new headcoach.    Great job Blake Horvath.

Blake Horvath Navy Quarterback