Coach Sink 10 Years Straight First Team All-State QBS


One of my great QBS JARED DRAKE, at breakfast with me and WILL PHILLIS III a few weeks ago, said to me when he saw that JUDAH HOLTZCLAW my 6’6” 225lbs. QB from Westerville Central was First Team All-State QB in Ohio high School largest division D1, “coach I am not sure but I think that is the 10th straight year for you to have a First team all-State QB. “   He did get my interest up so I decided to do a little investigating, and sure enough he was right.   I will tell you I am a very blessed coach to have had QBS like these.   I will just list in the order they won the honors but a few were also 2 time winners. And a few were Offensive players of the year and or Player of the Year along with a multitude of other awards.

We had our first in 2010-11 and that was DAVID FRALEY Granville High School Granville, Ohio (2 years in a row) College: Baldwin-Wallace.   CHAYCE CROUCH was next from Newark Catholic HS Newark Ohio (2 year in a row)College: University of Illinois. Next was JARED DRAKE Westerville Central HS Westerville Ohio (Also Offensive Player of the Year) College: East Tennessee State, Ohio State, Western Illinois U.   Then WILL PHILLIS III Hilliard Bradley HS, Hilliard, Ohio College: Kent State (Offensive Player of the Year and a multitude of other awards).  Then MARK WADE Girard HS Girard, Ohio (2 Years in a row)  Once as Player of the Year and once as Offensive Player of the Year, College: Youngstown State.   Next GRAHAM WALKER  Woodgrove HS Purcellville, Virginia, College: Frostburg State.  Right after came, TREVOR BYCZNSKI, Berea Mid Park HS, Berea Ohio, also Offensive Player of the Year, College: University of Buffalo.  MATT CARLISLE, Newark Catholic HS Newark, Ohio, College: Youngstown State was a year ago,  and this year 2020 the 12th FIRST TEAM ALL-STATER is JUDAH HOLTZCLAW Westerville Central HS Westerville, Ohio, Bishop Sycamore Prep School Columbus, Ohio

I do want to mention 2 more individuals that were close, and that is GRIFFIN DAHN Worthington Kilbourne HS Worthington, Ohio who broke his ankle in the third game of his Senior Year or would have been, and had an excellent College Career at American River JC Sacramento, Calif and U of Nevada, and U of New Albany and was an outstanding Pro prospect.   JOSH STEWART, 2nd Team All State from Hilliard Bradley HS in Hilliard, Ohio College: West Virginia Wesleyan who had to move three times in HS and his Senior Year  went 11 and 1 and only lost to the State Champs.

You have no idea how much joy and satisfaction these guys and all the rest of the QBS I have coached over the last 17 years have given me.  Many who were awesome young men but because of various circumstances did not quite make it to this level.  I am a Blessed Man, and if God gives me the chance we will try to do this again in the next 10 years.   SMILE!!!!!   THANKS BOYS FOR 10 GREAT YEARS, COACH SINK