Bayless- Fleharty get ready for Best of the Midwest

Last Sunday night at 6 pm, (yes that’s right)  the night of the Super Bowl we had Brayden Bayless and Bradyn Fleharty working with 3 WRS from Heath HS and 3 WRS from Hilliard Bradley HS.  It is always interesting to watch the habit’s of the great ones, as these two are both Freshman and both were varsity starters this year for their teams.  We also discussed the winner of the Super Bowl as he is Tom Brady and the fact that he arrives at work every morning at 4:30 am.  It seems like there is a pattern here !!!!


These two have been working hard as they both are attending the great Greg Brookey camp next Sunday in Indianapolis, called Best of the Midwest and it is definitely one of the top recruiting camps in the USA.   I have had the awesome privilege of coaching this camp for about 10 years and will be again this year, with my partner Paul Kilzer and last years MVP, Judah Holtzclaw, my first team All State QB from Westerville Central HS.     


These 2 QBS had 6 WRS between them and worked at a fever pitch for a solid hour and a half, both throwing almost 500 balls while the Super first half was going on.   No problem for them as they both are getting ready to play in that game a few years from now.    SMILE !!!!   I for one think they probably can, with a few good breaks and continued hard work like this.   Pictured above is from left to right Connor Toomey WR Heath , Grayson Shumate WR Heath, Scott Humphrey WR Heath, Brayden Bayless QB Heath, Coach Sink, Brayden Fleharty QB Lima Bath HS.   The 3 WRS from Hilliard Bradley took off for home just before this picture.   Sorry about missing them but they will be in the next shot, I am sure.   A fabulous work out was had by all the guys but that is what happens when we sacrifice to get better.


Looking forward to these guys performing Sunday at the Best of the Midwest Camp.

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