Matt Carlisle home from Calif.

Cullen Hornek, Jacob Harris, Matt Carlisle, Coach Sink, Drue Fraker, Marty Peterson

Matt Carlisle one of a mighty few QBS to reach the level of play he has achieved is home from American River JUCO and what do the great ones do? He called Coach Sink and said” How many sessions can I do with you while I am home?” and Coach replied as many as you want. He got home late Wednesday night and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (2) were booked for him.

But Friday night was a site to behold. The Receivers were pretty good too that Coach Sink had put together as you can see from the above picture. It was 7 pm at Westerville Central HS where 2 of the guys play, due to an extremely hot day we decided to start late. The 2 on the left above were Cullen Hornek, and Jacob Harris both 6’4″ speedsters that have very bright D1 futures, and both put on an incredible show catching a serious Big Time College QB in Matt Carlisle. The other 2 in this picture were young but up to the challenge, Drue Fraker is a sophomore stand out at Marysville, where he plays for HC Brent Johnson, and has a lot of interest from D1 Colleges already as a premier tight end. Last but not least is a freshman receiver/ running back from New Albany, Marty Peterson who has a bright future if he keeps working hard like he is.

Just happened to show up was Josh Harris the outstanding former QB from Bowling Green and father of Jacob, who was incredibly impressed with Matt Carlisle and was texting our mutual friend at Wake Forrest, Coach Higgins the head assistant Coach about Matt playing for them next year.

I have had some outstanding sessions in my day with very famous QBS but this was right up there with the best as Matt put on a show that any football professional would have been rightfully entertained to watch. He was throwing rockets from all angles and depths and placing them exactly where they needed to be all night. On the few that stretched the guys to their limits, and receivers made some incredible catches proving they have a bright future right along with Matt Carlisle. I have had several players that are in the NFL or have played there and I will tell you if these kids keep up the work ethic they have right now you will see them play on Sunday. I am proud to be their private Coach.