Drake “The Face of the Franchise”

Jared Drake 6’0” 235 lbs.   Running Back, Middle Linebacker, Long snapper, Gunner on Kickoff’s, #1 special teams player, and on the field 78% of the time for Western Illinois University.  So, to call him the face of the franchise might be an understatement. I love to see my guys excel and Jared just continues to do just that.

My 2014 Offensive Player of the Year in the State of Ohio at the QB position for Westerville Central HS continues his career as a dominate player any time he steps on the field.    In fact Jared started the Offensive Player of the year award that has now turned into 6 for Coach Sink in the last 5 years including one in Virginia.   What a great group of talented kids all at the QB position

Jared drake is on his way to an NFL career as he leads the nation in speed of delivery in his long snapping.   He has been timed at .67 of a second to deliver the ball to a punter from the snap position and that is well under the .75  for the NFL league long snappers.

Great young man, lead by faith family and football and Sink is so proud of his tenacity to make it in the world of professional football.

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